Warm Banana Bliss Brownies

Holly Pinafore has a great way to spice up brownies.
>> you know, who doesn’t love brownies? but our next guest says plain old chocolate brownies get a little bit borng so she is here s to show us how to dreshos it up for kids, and big kids like ms e. holly pinafore blogs about finding he r inner div. i found mine. [laughter] joing me now is holly pinafore. tell us about your website. >> i’m glad you found your iner diva. >> as son as you let me put the red stilettos on, i found it. >> it is a w aomen’s empowerment magazine, articles on health, fitness, f unny stuff. >> funny stuf. crazy stuff. >> crazy stuff. a lot of cocktail recipes coming up. log on to hollypinafore.org.pi we’re startingwe a guy sesusion, buyology101. >> for us metro sexual guys. >> and the theme is, read that: >> life is what you make, it go ahead and bake it. i >> that is true. and if you can’t bake it? >>> decorate it. >> fake it, then decorate it. >> you are quirky



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