Walmart Stores Seek Food Donations

Bend and Redmond Walmarts among stores nationwide gathering food donations to fight hunger.
all those locations to help fight hunger this holiday season. it’s the first time the company has launched a week- long nationwide food drive. it started on november 15th and so far the bend wal-mart has filled up five bins… officials say the amount of food is weights more than one thousand pounds. nation-wide the initiative will provide more than 18 million dollars to help fight hunger in the u.s. some of the non- perishable foods, walmart is asking residents of bend to donate are protein-rich canned tuna, nuts or 100 percent juice boxes. all the food will be donated to the oregon food bank. ### “we fill a bin up and we take it back, just constantly, constantly, it seems like daily as community support gets stronger and stronger. as they hear about this and hear about it at the store and we just bring more out and the bins end up going to be shipped out to the food banks in need.” the



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