Walmart Recalling Chicken Nuggets

Some frozen chicken nuggets sold in packs from Perdue Farms are being recalled because they may contain small pieces of plastic.
(mm) eyewitness news with an important news alert right now… if you have children, chances are you’ve got chicken nuggets in your freezer. tonight, there is an important recall to tell you about. problem solver susan hogan joins us now with the details. (sh) tens of thousands of pounds of chicken nuggets are being recalled from various walmarts nationwide…the problem? customers complained of finding pieces of plastic inside the food. tonight, a warning from the department of health. chicken nuggets are one of those fast, easy and yummy treats most kids want for dinner…but a warning from the us dept of agriculture…some customers serving up nuggets similar to these, have found small pieces of blue plastic inside the nuggets. sot/24:53 right then and there, is you don’t want a child to be ingesting it if there’s a possibility of this blue plastic stuff. (pre pr0 according to the usd



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