Wala-studio10-virginia College Pumpkin Soup

wala-studio10-virginia college pumpkin soup
do not want anyone to check you in, you can say so. all right, now we are cooking something to complement your thanksgiving dinner. derica is making a roasted pumpkin soup at the culinary institute of virginia college. >> we are here at virginia college with chef lafferty. he is a: are here at the school. i understand you have could all around the country with thery notable people p including paula dean. now he is here with us, and we’re going to cook a special kind of pumpkin soup today. s>> yes, it is roasted pumpkin soup with croutonss. >> awesome. we were talking before about pumpkins. kido you use your normal pumpkin that you set out for halloween or do we use u something special? ci>> you actually do needee an extra tied up pumpkin. it is a baking pumpkin. it has a thinner membrane inside the pumpkin,, so ito allows it to be softer. >> let’s talk about some of the ingredients we wi



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