Wala-studio10-turkey Soup

wala-studio10-turkey soup
web page under the wired segment. >> we should keep track of how many times we say turkey over the week. we’re making aak great news for your thanksgiving meal. derica is in the kitchen with bishop state community college. they’re going to make turkey soup. >> we are at the carver campus. we’re here with the chefs. we are using some left over thanksgiving turkey for this dish. .let’s talk about this edition how you can put your leftovers to good use. g>> ok, here we are. to make ae leftover turkey soup, we have leftover turkey, chicken stock. we add water to the chicken stock. we at the chicken a bones — we add the chicken bones. we would make this — – we get thisis to a boil and let it i simmer for 30fo minutes. >> let’s talk about the ingredients. >> here we have turkey meat. this is already cooked. >> you need your own turkey stock from leftovers. >> this is going to be good. did th



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