Wala-studio10-turkey Pizza

wala-studio10-turkey pizza
well, if you are planning to have turkey for your holiday meal, you may be looking for new ways to use your leftovers. how about turning it into a pizza? >> today, we’re going to g make an easy dish. we’re at bishop state college. we are making turkey pizza. this is something people can make with leftovers from the holidays. let’s talk about the ingredients and what we need. >> very good. thank you. we will w need a piece of dough. you can buy one from the store. it is much more fun to make it yourself, and it is much more nutritious. but you do have the option to go to the store and buy one. for today, we’re going to make the pizza dough. we have flour, yeast, oil, and hot water. the water is warm because it needs to be for the yeast. we need to mix this briefly. we combine all the wet ingredients. it is just about ready. that is good. i will put this into one bowl. once he finishes tha



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