we head to the weekend. derica? >> we>> have something delicious and healthy for you this morning.mo cindy ross shows us how to cook seared tuna t skewers. >> it i is important tont stay healthy and eat healthy, right? >> it is very important. you get out what you put in to your body. >> talk to me about these skewers. >> we’re going to do tuna skewers. you can make skewerswe out of anything.yt you can do any vegetable, any type of protein, but todayay we’re going togo do pan-seared tuna. tuna is a nice clean fish. it doesn’t have a strong fishy taste. but also it — it is high omega fatty acids, which is vital for f everyone it’s good for your hair and skin, andnd everything. and gets the brain healthy aslt well. >> oh, g>>reat. >> today we’re going to use cherry tomatoes. you can use grape tomatoes as well. i chose mozzarella sticks, you can use mozzarella balls, but sometimes they are



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