Wala-studio10-tiny Diny Biscuits

wala-studio10-tiny diny biscuits
of these players, because i want them to stay in alabama, and i’m not being selfish at all, right, joe? >> right. they may have 20 to 60 million reasons to enter the nfl draft, so i’m not sure about that. we’re here with the tiny diny, what are we going to cook up today? >> biscuits with no bugs. >> cricket-free biscuits, sounds fantastic. you scratch is a fun process, so, let’s get it started here. >> take flour, aboutur three cups. don’t need that anymore. >>re right. >> a little bit of salt. some baking powder. and then you get to mix. >> okay. sounds good. you are doing a fantastic job. why don’t you tell me about the tiny diny. >> tiny diny is family ownamed for about 60 years. i purchased it in june when ms. trudy wanted to retire, and then we have to cut in the shortening. >> there we go. so where arere you located. >> 2959 [ inaudible ] road. the old station where the train used



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