good luck! >> we are with will and nicky from the state culinaryu institute a nd in the kitchen this morning. good morning. > good morning. >> what are you cooking today? we have lots of vegetables out. i assume something involving them? >> that is right. we are actually promoting our tuesday night dinners. next week we are going to have this on the menu. it is open to tophe public. it is $25. five courses. we have got three seatings, 6:30, 7 and 7:30. >> that is> fantastic. this is onis the o menu. what is this and what are youu doing on the o sho tw? >> roasted vegetable and goat cheese. >> wow! >> what you need to make these are the molds. you can buy them atm k aitchen stores. plastic wrap. i have got one pound weights. and some card board to layay it ont top and weigh it down andn it presses it and congeals it. >> we are going to get started on this. talk about the ingredients today



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