Wala-studio10-stewart Reb Donald La Burritos

wala-studio10-stewart reb donald la burritos
forest in just a few minutes. >> we were just talking about what we are cooking in our kitchen this morning.n so excited to have the chef with itus. we’re cooking something so yummy. i have never heard the name. >> this is the l.a. burrito from lower alabama. we’abre going to get rid of the grilled chicken and rice and beans and replace it with cheese grits, country ham, and a little crazy.it >> sounds phenomenal. >> i have some water here that i am getting ready to boil miti’s grits in.s i replace some of the water with a little bit of evaporated fat- free milk. ilit will make the cheese grits more creamy. then i can splurge on a country ham and cheese. >> i like that. cheese is one of my favorite things. anything sweet, mix them together. what are we doing first? >> ok, i will start with cheese grits in this pot. i already have some water in here. i am going to add my evaporated fat-fr



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