i have some outdoor plants. we have sending delicious on the menu this morning. cherish stopped in with the grand hotel. >>an we are making spicy tuna sushi roll with chef mike wallace. talk a little bit about spicy tuna sushi rolls. >> we use freshus tuna. ahi is another word for it. fthe seaweed can be found that an asian market. and we have. rice — and we have the ricee and other condiments. >> any make the danger here. >> yes, we make it fresh. — you make the ginger here. >> yes, we make itt fresh. >> and we utilize this rice paper. we put ink on the rice paper, which is edible. we roll the rice in there. .it is a beautiful this. uland it actually says sushi in japanese script.se >> this is one of the brand-new rolls your featuring. >> yes, we have all kindsll of things. inand we change it up. >> make sure to get on onfox10tv.com. you can find a list of the ingredients. you s.can f



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