Wala-studio10-snapper Ponchartrain

wala-studio10-snapper ponchartrain
now. joe is in the kitchen. >> we’re going to cut snapper pontchartrain. but first, i want you to know that i actually dance like that. this is jason from a virginia college. i am having a fantastic day because you always put up a delicious food. >> today, we’re doing a snapper pontchartrain. i said we would do a crawfish 1. >> i told him that i tried to cut my own pontchartrain sauce a couple weeks ago, and honestly, i failed. so i am going to pay closeo attention. how do you start? let’s we’re going to talk about the rice that we’re going to use as a base. a lot of people have problems cooking rice. the easiest way to do it is to cook it in an oven. two parts fluid, one part rice. 350 degrees, and it is done in half an hour. >> that is the way to do it. >> and you can do everything else while your rice i ws cookingoo. we’re going to get the snapper. .we have cut into small pieces. cewe



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