Wala-studio10-shrimp Creole

wala-studio10-shrimp creole
and we want to hear from you. >> thank you, chasity. right now,w, we’re cooking and cajun style. joe is in the kitchen with orleans cafe. he is about to get started on shrimp creole. >> i am here is great kitcherens in mobile with chris from orleisans cafe. what are we making? >> we are making shrimp creole. >> i like anything shrimp anything in it. what are we going to be working with? ?>> we have onions, o bell peppers, celery, as usual,su diced tomatoes, some herbs and spices. parsley and garlic, bay leaves, blackac pepper. seasoned salt, oregano. we have some shrimp stock and some peeled gulf shrimp. .>> many creole dishes are very similar. >>>> you always have your onioayns, bell peppers, and your salary. they areey pretty much always going to be in there. >> and all those things are ng delicious. we’re going to get that going. we’re goingre to put the vegetables in there. what amou



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