Wala-studio10-shrimp Crab And Corn Bisque

wala-studio10-shrimp crab and corn bisque
fox10tv.com, under the “studio 10” tab in just a bit. >> thanks. right now i’m in the kitchen withwi kelly huff. kelly and i go way back. she was always an amazing parallel at one point, and that’s how we met. so this is cool. thank you for coming on the show. >> you are welcome. >> what are you making today? >> shrimp, crab, and corn bisque. >> this is pretty simple to make? >> it is. >> so if you want to follow along on line, go to fox10tv. com, click on the “studio 10” tab, and get the recipe, but what all do we need? >> one onion, one bell pepper, celery, a little white pepper, a a little wholele thyme, bay leaf, wosteshire sauce, and butter. >> tell everybody where you are located. >> we’re located at 4306 o’chill road. we try to have fabulous lunches, and we’re famous for our chicken salad, and home made soups, quiches, made desserts on a weekly basis. >> all right. we’ll be right



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