week — before monday m actually. you can enter one time, so good g luck. >> that is going to be a fabulous show, and we’re making a fabulous dish today. thank you for coming in >> thank you for joining us. >> today we’re making shrimp bisque. >> that’s right. >> what do you need? >> you have to have shrimp. bisque is aa creamy soup. so we have two cream soups. >> what are you using and can you use any cream soup that you like? >> you could. we use cream c of mushroom and cream of celery. you could do cream of chicken and even creamd of shrimp. >> oh, yeah. nothing better than a warm cup of bisque on a cold day. >> that’s right. >> what have you done so far? >> so far i have melted the butter, and went ahead and added some of me the bell pepper and a onion. we’ll go ahead and add the rest now. you’ll see toyo s saute these, again, over medium heat until they are translucent, i guess. >>



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