Wala-studio10-show Notes Thursday 10-28-10

wala-studio10-show notes thursday 10-28-10
an hour. for halloween. we’re dressing upre fridayy in our costumes. so fridayda is actually tomorrow, so i can just say tomorrow. >> absorolutely. >> we’re going to be all dressed up. >> there is tons of stuff to do for halloween. pumpkin patches, pes corn mayses, and haunted hed houses. only a few f days left for the state fair. stcheckch that out. tonight, there is one-price rise of the greater g gulf state fair in mobile. you can buy $25 and and ride all the rides you want to tell 11 pm >> and tomorrow night is midnight madness for $25. that will pay for admission and unlimited rights. in the state fair stays open until 2:00 a.m. and todayda is jindal and hand stamp day. the state fair will let you ride the unlimited ridites into closing day. clg — today iss hand stamp day. >> couldou sta gordon ramsay’s in youface? so, listen up. rdon ramsay’s is ting his search h for the next mast



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