Wala-studio10-seared Ahi Tuna Live Bait Wharf

wala-studio10-seared ahi tuna live bait wharf
bit. joe? 3 joe: thank you very much, we are then kitchen this morning with jason and jeremy fr the wharf. good morning, fellas. >> good morning. all right, jason is l talking, jeremy is helping out with the cook. what are we making this morning? >> we are doing a blackened seared ahi tuna with a little bit of pecan rice pi laugh. joe: loks awesome. what are the ingredientsg today? >> well the first thing we do. we take our fresh f ahi tuna loin. it is just look the restaurant, we cut everyt get it going. joe: how thick? aboutt 8 ounces. marc: okay. >> we use olive oil and the blackening seasoning. get a nice coat, there we go. joe: all right. >> as we sear that off. you people we servee it from rare to medium rare, everybody has their own flavors an stuff. about a minute and a half each time. you can turn it. joe: a minute and a half. i think a lot of people have the problem of overcook



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