Wala-studio10-sear-ious BBQ Kickin’ Pork Tenderloin

wala-studio10-sear-ious BBQ Kickin’ Pork Tenderloin
you think we can go outside then and take a look outside. meteorologist: i think so. if j s not taken the food away. cherish: i think we should check win joe. he is coking outside some barbecue. joe: just kidding. we are with marty and marty. this mart c an i iss with ucp and the hog wild festival. good morning, fell lass. >> good morning. you first. marty, i wil start with you. tell us about the hog wild festival. al it is a fund-raiser. >> it is. it is going to be next friday and saturday at thend gulf state fair grounds. thus the tenth year. we’re excited about it. . i got, i think, 74 professional teams lined up already. y. about 40 backyard city teams. it is a pretty good time. >> this is one of the biggest fund-raisers eesvery year for >> it is. it is actually our largeacst fund-raiser. everything we receive ytby the way of proceeds goes back to the united cerebral palsy programs f



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