have some money saving information in today’s dollars and sense. shannon gunderson, our coupon expert is back with us this tuesday to tell us about deals for our pets. upkeep and up next, find out how your kids can be part of the show. and…on a cold morning- what’s better than gumbo… especially “seafood” gumbo? weea’ll check in with gene from the dauphin island gumbo cook-off.. you can get the recipe right now on our website. happening here seussical junior is coming to a local theater… and, your child can be part of this great musical performance.. auditions are being held today and tomorrow… the director, chris paragone, is joining us, from the “sunny side theater” in mobile. chris.. the cool thing about this is… everyone who auditions will get a part. kitchen open joe w/ gene fox, dauphin island kitchen open joe w/ gene fox, dauphin island gumbo cook-off our hot topic is nex



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