okay. all right. guys so i but some of us ar oe already thinking about sunday. am suree am talking to many ladies possibly a few guys throughout because you are trying to figure out what to cook for super bowl sunday. well, i started thinking of what the most popular food items for football fun was. and dip i went to r tecipe for living to find the top ten best dip recipes and recipes for baked crib dip, seven lap,yer taco dip, bacon an cheese dip and spinach ad artichoke dip were al included on the top ten. a lot of the dips are made in your crock-pot without too much hassle so fsor all of you who are stressing, i will put thisut link up on the wi “studio 10” tab on fox tv so you can getu cooking awayg if you have a favorite dip recipe share. go to our facebook pboage, feel free toto post. also. some of you may be kick off the carnival season as joe mentioned with a few parades going on



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