Wala-studio10-Ransom Cafe Potato Soup

wala-studio10-Ransom Cafe potato soup
information. >> brewster. >> all right. i’m getting his name right. i got it now. we near the kitchen this morning from ransom cafe, and making one of my favorite dishes on a cold day, there is nothing that touches potato soup. that’s what we’re making, right? >> that’s right. we’re making basic potato soup, we’re going to add some jazz to it, show you how you can y stretch it and make it different ere day. >> tell us a little bit about random coffee. >> we do a different soups, piazzas, sandwiches, salads, every single day. our menu has no prices. it’s all donation based and volunteer based. >> really? >> so when you come in to eat, you pay whatever you can pay. >> thaayt is amazing. you guys are great. that’s awesome. nothing beats like we said a warm cup o bowl of potato soup. what do we need to get started? >> you first the potatoes, of course. >> of >>course. >> you use one potato f



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