eating after i eat this entire bag. >> yeah you have to come over here to meak sure you get healthy. we’ll forgive you. you got to stray every now an then. this morning we are in thehe kitchen with you be right. actually has wonderful book. i got to read a little bit today. basically we have been tacking about staying healthy keeping your new year’s resolutions to eatut a little bit better to getet iton shape. that is what are tacking about some ways we can eat a little bit better. >> absolutely. today, we have avocado coffee pudding which is exciting. it is made with agave, almond milk and biocoffee which you can get on pritchard or the web site. >> now what may madd you get intested in cook healthy and writing a book? >> actually, 20 ye>>ars ago. i had child who has, who had so money allergies. i was impossible to feed him. i had healthsues of my own. it thrusts me into the world tryin



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