and in the meanwhile here is cherish and the beautiful kitchen sets. >> it is i going so good in the studio. — smelling so good in the studio. what are you cooking for us today? >> we are cooking pork osso bucco. we have roasted apples to go along with it appearedt then we have cranberries and pistachios. init is not your y standard roasted tud rkey and ham you get everywhere. re>> do you serv this? >> we do this on the fall and winter menus. the whole family can dig in. >> what do we need to get started? >> shallots, garlic, cranberries we soaked in that ranwine. get age little color on that. >> ok. what do you mean by this? >> cooking it until the onion and garlic get a little translucent. auc little bit of flavor ofvo the vegetables. >> watch it. after that point it picks up aoi lot more flavor of o roasted vegetables, which is a whole different ball game. and we will add our cranber



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