Wala-studio10-pineapple Foster By Chef Rob & Co

wala-studio10-pineapple foster by chef rob & co
mixing. cherish over to you. cherish: chase is talking about margaritas. we are tacking about pineapple rum here. one little thing we are tacking about, right. >> it is a little early. well hit. i. cherish: i heard it makes pretty fire. >> it does. the 1351 gets the cameras. cherish: all right. we won’t burn anything. >> woe won’t. cherish: all right. chef rob from chef rob and quarterback. amazing food. what remaking today? >> golden pineapple. a spin off banana using golden pine ap nel morning. now, first talk about taking out the right pineapple. if it is really, really green, it is nott as great. g it is not as golden. not as ripe.as fit is brown, not good at all. you can also take theak tops t and pluck them out. if you do it in the grocery store, you may get kicked out. >> you have done that before? >> yeah. yeah. at wall snort yeah. kicked snout. >> okay. didn’t get kicked outet.



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