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do not know if i like the new profile. maybe it will take some getting used to. if you have ever wondered how pickles are made, you’re inj luck you’reoe is making dill pickles with chef wesley true from true. >> i am chef wesley true here wesleyey — i am here with chef wesley true. we are mak.ing pickles. >> i workedd in a swedish restaurant in new york, and we did a lot of pickles. the technique is actually pretty simple. when you do salad dressing, you do three parts oil, one part vinegar. it is kind of the same idea. but we will do three parts water, one part vinegar. the ultimate measuring spoon is my tongue, so we will be doing a lot of tasting. >> pickles our great to complement hamburgers. >> when i first opened up my restaurant, we were very high end, but the older i get, i the more simple food i like to do. we want people to just he a good meal. you have to have the perfect bre



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