Wala-studio10-panini Pete

wala-studio10-panini pete
always great to start the morning giving away something, correct? >> >: yes, fantastic news for her and for us. >> : i love pa 9 anies. >> : everyone wants to know what we are cooking, everyone in the world has different taste buds and everyone has agreed we arere looking forward to this dish this morning. what are we cookin >> : it is a paninni. i do a lot of military cooking. i just got back from san juan, purr to reco. this is easy to execute. typipically, i have green tomatoes. i let you down today, i brought a reded one, i didn’t >> : that’s okay. >> : i have my seasoning and some paprika, garlic salt, and thyme. >> : tell us about paninni fish, where are you located? >> : we are in downtown and my landlord bought this is a layer yum for me. it is beautiful and ornate. we do breakfast and lunch seven days a week. we have italian eg eggs green ham sandwich. we have fresh cut tries nd



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