cherish and the brand-new kitchen. >>>> i am excited about this. i will be the first to actually cook in the new kitchen. we have wink from great kitchens. you guys have been so gracious to lead us cook is n your kitchen, the beautiful kitchens add great kitchens. henow you have been gracious enough to bless us with our own. we are going to have you show us around thes kitchen. >> no problem. we are excited to be here. thermadore does appliances for the home. e we have an electric cooktop. it does not have the safety issues that youyo have with gas. we have a state of the art of and and steam oven — we have instead of the art oven and a steam oven. we have a coffee machineof for you all to enjoy it. >> that israelis did of the art. i loved it. — that looks so ste of the art. hei loved it. >> these things were not a veiled call for the home chef until recently. they have done a great jo



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