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wala-studio10-oysters rockefeller
rd”studi>> i love that movie. and now we’re w going to make some oysters rockefeller with the folks at the hangout. >> we are cookingng some oysters. we have the chef from the ehangout. and we also have another guest gufrom real-estate company. there is a big event coming up. >> we are excited to join up for fthe third annualua oyster cookoff. we wilf.l have a lot of great judge is coming in. we have mobile’s own food editor. and we also have the food editor from “in your lens close good magazine. and another one that just wonwo a national award. alyou can also be a judge. come on down and vote for your favorite. the proceeds benefit the coastal restoration project that involves the mobile m state keepers, the alabama coastal foundation, and other foundations where we’re ting to plant 100 miles of oyster beds. also to restore 1,000 acres of sea grass. it is for a great cause. the oysters



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