>> auburn 156, oregon 2. >> goodd one. [ laughter ] >> one safety. >> how is it going? >> it’s going pretty well. >> welcome back to “studio 10.” last time youou cooked up deliciousness, what we have got today? >> we have green bean oscar today. >> okay. >> it goes with your main dish. we have chicken and wild rice. >> that looks good. and i heard our morning anchor say this may be a tasty wayay to get her kids eat vegetables. >> maybe. m just maybe. we’re going to t work with frozen green beans,ea olive oil, minced garlic, and we’re going to put it in this pan. >> talk about how people can get involved in the salvation army. >> the salvation army is a 365 day a year operation. we’re always giving. we’re always there for the community. christmas has wound down, and now we’re getting ready for just our regular things that we regularly do on a daily basis, and that’s serve the community. >



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