cherish: thanks, chairs ty. that sounds cool. s all right. we are c yummy. i sells great. as soon is a walked in the newsroom today. i could smell it. we are cooking with deanna and dollars from volunteers of america. thank you. >> thank you. che potato casserole. that sounds great. first let’s talk about volunteers of america. what does the organization do? >> volunteers of america is a nonprofit christian organization that is geared to providing services for those in our community with a need. okay. >> we work with people were intellectual disabilities, so our cookbooks sell to benefit the enrichment sen fer which is a day program for people with disabilities. cherish: tell bus the cookbook. what kind of recipesat can we get? >> all kinds of recipes. cherish: a little bit of everything. >> exactly. exactly.tl most of themf are pretty simple. le ji okay. that is always good. obviously.



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