on 1 www.fox10tv.com. >> that sounds good. we know if you’re making it it’s going to be good. what are we making today. >> we’ll do a real simple linguine pasta. we’ll incorporate mussels, tomatoes, and make a little white wine butter sauce with them. >> are the musels to get ahold of? >> absolutely. they’re in your grocery store. they’re very reasonable priced on and they’re very easily cookedy . >> and the linguine is nicely i priced and easy to make. where do wedo need to start? you said there is a butter sauce we need to make? >> we’ll start to get all of our ingredients together. we’ll get our pasta water going. that’s our first step. then we’l start sauteeing everything. we like to layer our flavors in i starting with the garlic and the shallots, and the white wine and butter. >> tell us about theut bilagio grill. >> italian mediterranean grill. we’re located at the wharf. we’re th



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