chasity,ic look were you we have good super bowl fod today or apetizer you can make on valentine’s day. so a lot of uses thor dish. i am with jay from crooked hartin ny we are makinga mushroom bruschetta. >> fresh thyme leaves, demi glaze, aged a manchego cheese. >> okay. >> we’ll sprinkle the cheese on t 10 to 12 minutes. cherish: okay. sounds good. tell bus crooked martini. where are you located? talk about the food and everything. >> we are west mobile. and rightd on thee corner of cottage hill and chal here for going on three years now. cherish: awesome. >> we’re considered mar continue ny bar. we got everything. we have bands that play wednesday through saturday and tuesday is our karaoke night. it gets a wild bunch. a good time to come wind down. we have our happy hour an everything. it is good. we have pharmaceutical parties. a little bit of everything that comes down. cherish: of



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