talk about cooking. we are cooking with a chef today. i have chef quaidy here and we are making one of my favorite things to eat period especially at the shed momma me why’s macaroni salad. what kind of food do you have? >> we got a lot of barbecues. we love ribs. we got the best ribs you could ever find. pork, bef, chicken, all sorts of meats.ts 1:00 mac salad. cherish: >> delicious mac salad. i eat it every day. cherish: do you think? would eat it every day if i could. don’t have anything fried. >> that is true. cherish: the healthier conscious. i don’t know fit ii s t healthy but is real good. it is not frinoed. we can say that. if you want to make it. it is a great compliment to any dish, any meat, any dinner. what iredients do we need? ow need five cups of noodles you want to boil those out to salt to them. get th you w immediately. that way thed intos are cold. you don’t want mayon



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