Wala-studio10-mediterranean Mac And Cheese

wala-studio10-mediterranean mac and cheese
page. cherish: thank you very much. chasity. all right. we’re in the’r kitchen todaych with louis and tod from la pizzeria. thank you. >> thanks for having us. cherish: wonderful restaurant. you also have cafe 219. we do. cherish: some great restaurants tell bus those. >> actually we are celebrating our 20th year. cherish: awesome. >> i have been involved since ’99. 219, we opened in 2001.0 and la pizzeria we are known for the brick oven pizzas. everything is from scratch. we make our cheese from scratch, everything. also do fasts, chicken, fish, tud we’ll be doing mac and cheese. cherish: love mac and cheese. there are five different types you serve. >> right. why sound really good. if you never been, youe have to trite. la pizzeria, a nice date night, just very quality time. okay. we’ll make mac and cheese. everybody web site. go though “studio 10” tab to get the rest res foy fall low



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