Wala-studio10-latkes Springhill Avenue Temple

wala-studio10-latkes springhill avenue temple
0q1s0=1 tz >> i think people are agreeing with you. hoping maybe there is any et out there. let us take it to foacebook and see what you guys are saying. one says, can’t wait to htear what they say. another says, there has beenee a rumored for five or six here is that there is a planet in our solar system just like our planet. i think there is some form of life outside of our planet. i cannot imagine we are the only one. please,pl post the big announcement on facebook. one more from linda jones — i would like to think so. there is too much unknown out there to think there is not. we are going to continue to chat about this on facebook. hear ” page facebook. >> thank you for your yor comments. almost time to head back into the kitchen. in the spirit of han sukkah, we are cooking latkes and you can get the recipe and follow along on our web page. we will be right back. don’t go away. hill



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