Wala-studio10-king Cakes

wala-studio10-king cakes
? ? joe: can’t have mardi gras without king cake. the delicious treat is something people look forward to all yearlong. cherish: have you wondered how the cakes are made? joe and i decided to se for ourselves. take lo ok. joe: the mardi gras cake. >> no argument there. i these most delicious. joe: well i think so, too. some people may have different preference butf for us we love the ke ing katea and why we have bill fler atlanta brad company. you will show us. >> i am. thank you for coming today. we’ll make a cream chese and raspberry-flavored cake today. cherish: that sounds so yummy. >> probably the most popular. cherish: okay. >> we’ll start with the cream cheese. cherish: all right. get the cgeream cheese. does that count joe: make it i tasty, cherish. cherish: it smells so good. joe: here is a se patula for you. >> spread it around evenlyit so every bite hasi a taste of cream chees



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