Wala-studio10-junior League Almond Tart

wala-studio10-junior league almond tart
named after. all right. cherish: in theer kitchen k cooking something yummsoy this morning i am with jenifer jenkins we’re coking almond tart. making something sweet today. >> yes, we’re. we are excited to mdake almond tartmo witha tthe junior leag potential women to promote lun tierismm and praise these community. >> all right. a good group of women to join. you cook. we love that. it doesn’t get boater than that. talk to me about almond tart. >> the ingredients are actually quite simple. only a few things in this.i three-fourths cup of butter, a cup and a half of sugar, two eggs, a cup and a half of flour, a pinch of salt, s one teaspoon of almondl extract then garnish with sliced almonds an sugar. cherish: all right. ingredients we vins our house anyway. >> absolute you. cherish: something not healthy but really god. really good though tummy. okay. we have ingredients you can follow l



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