are the withins that go in this girl’s tummy. speaking of yummy stuff. i have been practicing all morning. i will not lie. we are with the chef from the school ande we’ll get started on the salad. look at the ingredients. >> yeah. a ally good summer springtime salad. it is vegans can have this if they like. they omit the bleu cheese in here. cherish: okay. >> we’ll ahead to start this. nick will start cutting. i will talk to you about this first. cherish: what is this? >> a mexican potato. it has got the consist sive like a bland pair potato. cherish: okay. >> all right. it is kind of good crisp, too. what we’ll do is cut this. t you just peal the sides off of it. just like aju potato. cherish: okay. >> then she ihes goingn juliane it here. >> it means cutting very thin strips. cherish: okah:y. >> two-inch cut. a cherish: such precisi pon. >> that is right. cherish: ier am sure i would c



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