Wala-studio10-hopjacks Pizza

wala-studio10-hopjacks pizza
the categories on the website, others include entertainment, mom and kids, food and tech. my thanks to linda, our producer for the website. >> thanks, chasity. we have another joe on the show, chef joe from hopjacks thanks for joing us. >> thanks for having me.fo we’re going to do a wild sausage d and mushroom pizza. we’re going to try to take a little difference on that and update tt a little bit. >> it sounds fantastic. you can get the recipe by going to the “studio 10” tab on fox10tv.com. what are the ingredients that we need tone t make sure we have. >> basicallyic pizza dough. and i’ll give you a recipeec to twork with, but you can also hit up your local pizza restaurants. theyan will outheir dough. >> really? >> yeah. and some of the premade doughs, it’s a cheater way to take care of things, but it knocks out 45 minutes to an hour. >> cheater dough. i love it. >> exactly. there are



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