media. could they changed thehe world of e-mail ase- well? we’re getting ready for thanksgiving. cherish is makingch some holiday side dishes with the atlas oyster house playedd pensacola. let’s see how it starts off. >> we are in the kitchen with chef jason morris from the a mtlas oyster houseou in pensacola. we are going to g be doing a couple of thanksgivingf sides. >> first, we have a sweet potato and granny smith apple mash. and then we have green beans with carmelized onions and bacon. >> that would complement any thanksgiving dinner. and for tha ft matter, any dinner. i love sweet potatoes. >> we are going to start with the sweeth potatoes. first, we’re going to t go in with the butter. here we go with the granny smith applessm. just dice these. they are peeled and diced. >> i could read it just like this. >> they are good. we do this for a f few seconds. and then we’re going to a



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