Wala Studio10 Holiday Cocktail

wala studio10 holiday cocktail
a lot of you may be hosting holiday parties getting ready for some big christmas parties as well. this is shawn from stir. show you how to make holiday cocktails this morning. >> abc lie. >> sounds good. what will we be making today? >> a couple of different drinks outwent have something simple. you can have very few ingredients. the first one we’ll be making, i am caling it captain of christmas cheer. >> captain of christmas cheer. >> like the name of it. i am assuming captain morgan is going in thoie one. >> absolutely. all right. let’s do it. let’s make it up. >> all rig>>ht. very simple. very few in greend on this one. an ounce and a half. >> all right then, you can get beverage anywhere in grocery stores nar the mixing section like near the blody marry mix. things like that. yeah. a sparkling orange juice but unique plair it toiq as well. >> to make it a litle bit more christmassy p



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