joe. well, you know, guys. we tried to do things hhiere on studio 120 to make the lives of our fr iends easier when it comes to the kitchen. for today, i am taking to you the kitchen with goog ale help. a new feature on google called recipe view when searching google for recipe. type in what you are looking for. we’ll type in chicken. now look on the left-hand side when you type it in and a recipe option wil be available. you can search for pacific recipes or just have an open ended search and see what comes up. you can area narrow the search to show recipes with the ingredients you want. the cook time you want and the calothricae count you want. it is really easy to do. you can save time if you are in a pinch. again, all do you is go to google.com to look for the recipes tab on the left side. good for people like me but cher shall the people you were with right now might



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