counting now because we are making something super yumy in the kitchen. like ribs you will like this. . then kitchen with richard from mama and me. we’re going to make yummy sauces. >> yes. some barbecue sauces. it is that are very tender so we make our own sauce and show you how to do it today. wonderful. you can get in greed hes on fox10tv.com. in case you are not in front of the computer now. what do >> we n eed ketchup,e molasses, brown sugar, some cider vinegar, garlic power — onion powder,o seasoning, blackin pepper, seasons salt an al spice gives it sweetness. cherish: sounds good. tell us a little bit abouitt ma and me. >> mama and me is a bakery inn restaurant actually it was my daughter who came up with the idea. we have five children. she is the baby girl. we have four boys an one girl. she we opened it up. she said, mom, you have to put the balk ry into work and the restaura



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