[ laughter ] >> now we’ll send it to cherish. >> are in the kitchen, i am with tricia and sharon, and they are with the fly creek cafe. you are the chef, and you are the owner, and you also said buffer or something, dishwasher. [ laughter ] >> dishwasher. >> fly creek is in fair hope. if you guys have never been you have got to go.o. tell us a little bit more about the restaurant. >>ur it’s a casual marina waterfront. our guests are variety verse. we range from couples to college students to birthday parties to families in ensemble for sunday brunch, we have a wide range of music and events which attract a wide range of people on the weekend. >> it’s a great place to go and sit and chill. really. maybe your significant other, or friends — >> find your happy place. >> and that is definitely a happy place for sure. >> today we’re going to be making shrimp po’boys which is w one of yourr s



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