>> this morning we have dr. travels the host of the doctors. he was also on season 8 of the bachelor. thcank you for being with us this morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me.. >> how is the new showo going. but you’ve been around for several years now.. >> yeah, it’s>> shocking. three years i feel like we hkave a ve teran show now. w but you know whau t, the show has been going so greaot. i love the fact that witht our show we’re able to do something unique that no one has ever done before. we have a god time. hopefully it’s entertaing but no matter you’re going to learn somethring about your health. th >> definitelyel entertaining and that’s what i was going to say, very, very informative. we’re talking about whole grains and how simportant they are for your health. >> yeah, the dietary guidelines came out and survey shows that 5% of us are getting the amount of grains we’re



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