let me know if they are fun too. >> all right. we are in the kitchen with chef nancy hughes. how are you doing this morning? >> i’m good. >> you are the author of 15 minute diabetic meals, you never let us down, the food is always fantastic. what are we going to cook today? >> it’s new year, new promises. >> right. >> whether you made the promise or not, we, should all be eating healthier but we don’t have time, we’re tired, blah, blah, blah. i have got the answer. >> blah, blah, b blah. >> but with the new book out, it’s from the f american diabetes association, but it’s for people without diabetes as well, they are eat fast, cheaply, if that’s a word, and in 15 minutes flat. [ laughter ] >> that sounds fantastic. >> you are in traffic, and you are thinking what is for dinner, you get more and more tired, so you pull in to that fast-food lane. >> exactly. i think the number one thing th



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