Wala-studio10-crawfish Etouffee

wala-studio10-crawfish etouffee
10″ tab under wired. w>> we’re kicking cajun style this morning. cherishes in the kitchen with orleans cafe in mobile. she is making crawfish etoufee. >> today we are trying to get something yummy. we always are on. “studio 10 go but we have chef chris guesnard, owner of orleans po-boys. what are we cooking? >> crawfish etoufee. >> that sounds good. but it can be complicated. >> it can be if you make it that way. we will make it as simple as po sssible. >> you can follow along through the process click on the “studio 10” tab ono fox10tv. what do we need towe make this yummy sounding dish? >> as always, we need our diced bell peppers, celery, onions, a little bit off flour and oil to make our roux. some spices and herbs. that adds to the flavor. we also need our seafood stock for the great seafood flavor. >> i was wondering what that was. >> it is kind of like a chicken broth. >> sounds g



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