Wala-studio10-cindy Ross Turkey Loaves

wala-studio10-cindy ross turkey loaves
we will give you a full summary of the christmas weekend in just a few minutes. >> thank you. we have something delicious and healthy on the mitt — on the menu this morning. cindy ross of bodies by cindy shows us how to make miniature e turkey loaves. >> we are cooking something very healthy today. thank you for joining us. >> hello. thank you foryo having me. >> talk to us about how you got it to the healthy lifestyle you’re in it right now. >> i started cooking healthy and adopted a healthy lifestyle about 10 years ago when ihe got arthritis and learned tt the foods that i eat affect my immune system. about four years ago, i lost over 100 pounds. >> that is unbelievable to believe. >> nutrition is 85% of it. it is what you put into your body. that is what i tell my clients. >> and we are going to present tthe healthythal in our bodies with this recipe. >> i am excited to share recipes



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