Wala-studio10-christmas Treats Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique

wala-studio10-christmas treats simply sweet cupcake boutique
recipe that you might be considering. >>>> in local baker is in the studio and we have all kindsalnd of goodies. what are you going to make today? >> first, we will make these 3d dchristmas trees. >> those lookoo amazing. how do you make them stand up like that? or are you going to get to that? >> we will get to that. first, you want to roll out the dough. >> you have greenough. how do you make agreeing go? food covering? >> the recipe is just a basic barter-sugar — butter-sugar recipe. you want it to be firm. we will pretend that is all rolled?? out. then you use whatever size — >> i want to make a big one. can i make a big one? have been a pretty good at cooking getting. i will gnget them right at the edge. >> you will cutl them — cook them add, 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. they will come out like this. if your cookie cutter is not flat on the bottom, cut them like this. and it



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