fantastic artist there is. this is jim from the fish house. >> good morning. >> excited to have you on today, like yesterday, something new.om we’ve done more than 10 recipes here but never something quite like this. tell the pellow what we’re cooking. >> we’re doing chocolate shrimp, a mix of a south american dish, a lot lot of them have cocoa, coffee, a little spice. we’ll use a couple different techniques. we’ll take se oil and infuse some ginger, and garlic and shallots. >> wow. >> we’ll let that slowly simmer together for a little while so the e oil has that flavor. the then we’re going to juste’ lightly dust some shrimp, in flour, and crisp it up for a second. and we’re taking a reduction with this biron flavor, a lot of richness, not a lot of oak. the oak will be biter late late — la veal s we redu ce that all dowan. >> with the chocolate chips. >> yeah, chocolate in there, and f



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